Welcome to the world of the Battle English, where talented and passionate English educators come together to showcase their teaching prowess. Get to know the fearless challengers who have registered for our leagues and championship, ready to engage in thrilling battles of teaching excellence.


Daniel Crook

Thunder from Down Under

With a knack for twisting phrases into pretzels of wit, his linguistic tango is so slick it could make a pun trip over its own punchline.

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Anna James

The Avenger

 I'm Anna the Avenger, armed with words from travels and nature's wonders. Beware my wizarding skills, inspired by Harry Potter. I twist reality with my mind; watch out for my pesky punctuation habits. Ready to conquer the world and meet you!

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Geoff Anderson

Fluent American - The Flue-tenant

I'm here to change the way you view English for the rest of your life. Instead of helping you sound clear and understandable, I want you to sound native-like, if you are willing to work.

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Colin Munro

The Silver-Tongued Brit

I'm not here for a fight, but to eloquently illuminate minds. A lesson awaits: words can sway more than fists. Let enlightenment be our conquest.




Kirill Zalischanskiy

Bearded Linguist

 I am an English teacher, Chinese teacher, and the author of the YouTube channel called Bearded Linguist. I review online courses and online schools and give advice on teaching and learning languages.

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Christopher Huntley

Kris Amerikos

 Over 20,000 hours of English lessons taught, multiple language teaching businesses founded, over 2,000,000 students taught from over 150 countries. 'Nuff said.

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Gideon Ben-Ami

Judge Gideon

I will abide by the law but transgressors beware.



Jennifer Lebedev

English with Jennifer

Teaching happily for 25+ years! What have I contributed to the ESL community? Videos, textbooks, blogs, livestreams, conference presentations, and lots of live lessons - all delivered from the heart.



Jason Levine

Fluency MC

English language teachers, for worldwide acclaim, get ready to battle; it's time to step up your game.

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