Welcome to the linguistic gladiator arena of the World Battle English Championship! This is where verbs vault, nouns spar, and adjectives hustle. Get ready for a wordy roller coaster as we reveal the ringmasters of rhetoric and the juggernauts of jargon. Navigate the twists and turns of our championship, and dive into the league where syntax and semantics hold sway. Tighten your metaphorical seat belts —it's going to be a pun of a ride!


League battles take place year-round. Challengers compete to get as many points as possible, as points accumulate throughout league play, and rank highest in the league.



The World English Battle Championship takes place once a year. Challengers compete for the title of World Battle English champion, an elegant trophy, and a cash prize.



Robert Salo

Student's Best Friend

With a knack for twisting phrases into pretzels of wit, his linguistic tango is so slick it could make a pun trip over its own punchline.

Minnette Oberholzer

The Vocabulary Virtuoso

Unleashing words that can outfox a thesaurus, she juggles jargon with a flair that turns students into a raving fans.

Sabeen Shalaby

The Master of Syntax

She weaves words into magical melodies, turning mundane grammar into captivating tales. Get ready for an enchanting linguistic experience!



Daniel Crook (Thunder from Down Under) vs. Anna James (The Avenger)
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Battle English Leagues

Prepare for an exhilarating linguistic showdown as you dive into our league play!

  • Begin your quest in the entry-level Language Luminaries league, where the wittiest wordsmiths gather to showcase their linguistic finesse. But don't stop there!
  • To reach the esteemed Grammar Guardians league, you must outwit and outmaneuver your opponents, winning at least one battle and amassing a minimum of 100 points. It's a battle of brains and brawn, or rather, brains and grammar! But the journey doesn't end there.
  • For those with a voracious appetite for success, the Elite Educators league awaits. To earn your well-deserved spot among these top-ranking teachers, prove your linguistic prowess by winning ten battles and collecting a minimum of 1,000 points.

Let the true champion of language be crowned!


Who will be crowned the next World Battle English Champion?


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