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Parts of the Face in English

When we hear of parts of the face, most of the time we may think of the five commonly used parts, which include: nose, mouth, ears, eyes, and hair. However, in this article, we will look at the other parts of
the face, what they are used for, and some examples of how they are being used. Something that we should remember is this simple grammar rule: to change singular nouns to plural nouns, we usually just add ‘s’ to the end of the word.

For example: eyebrows, eye lashes, ears, ears and lips.

Let’s take a closer look at the parts of the face.

#1. Eyes-Ojos

You see with your eyes.


1. I have one eye opened.
2. I have closed my eyes.
3. There is something in my eye.
4. My eyes are burning me.

#2. Eyebrows- Cejas

Your eyebrows are the hairy part over your eyes. You move your eyebrows up and down to express
various emotions.
1. I have two eyebrows.
2. I need to pluck my eyebrows.
3. I have tattooed on my eyebrows.
4. I have bushy eyebrows.

#3. Hair-Pelo

Your hair is on top of your head.

1. What color is your hair?
2. How long is your hair?
3. When I was younger, my hair was blonde.
4. I have black hair.

#4. Nose-Nariz

You breathe through your nose.

1. I always put sunscreen on my nose so that I don’t get burnt.
2. I have a big nose.
3. I breath through my nose.
4. My nose is crooked.

#5. Teeth-Dientes

Your teeth are inside of your mouth. Tooth is singular and teeth is the plural form of tooth.

1. I brush my teeth every morning.
2. I need to go to the dentist to get my tooth extracted.
3. I can whiten my teeth with baking soda.
4. I have a shaky tooth.
5. I lost my tooth.

#6. Chin-Barbilla

1. Your chin is under your mouth.
2. Examples:
3. I rest my chin on the table.
4. I have a small chin.

#7. Ears- Orejas

You hear with your ears. Ear is singular and ears is plural.

1. I have two ears.
2. I have small ears.
3. I hear with my ears.

#8 Cheeks- Mejilla

Your cheeks are the fleshy parts of skin under your eyes. Cheek is singular and cheeks is plural.

1. He kissed me on the cheek.
2. I have two cheeks.
3. You have rosy cheeks.

#9. Mouth- Boca

You use your mouth to speak.

1. Close your mouth.
2. The doctor opened my mouth to check my teeth.
3. Her mouth twisted in a sarcastic smile.

# 10. Forehead- Frente

Your forehead is the top part of the front of your face.

1. I hit my forehead when I walked into the door.
2. When I do something silly, I always hit my forehead.
3. I have a pimple in the middle of my forehead.

#11. Temples- Sienes

Your temples are to the side of your head.

1. When you have a headache, you should massage your temples.
2. I have two temples
3. If you hit your head too hard, you can damage your temples.

#12. Jaw-Mandibula

Your Jaw is the lower part of your face that moves when you open your mouth.

1. When I saw him, my jaw dropped.
2. When I opened my mouth, my jaw hurt.
3. I broke my jaw in the accident.

#13. Eyelashes-Pestaňas

Your eyelashes are the finest hairs that grow out of your eyelids.

1. My sister has long eyelashes.
2. She has the curliest eyelashes I have ever seen.
3. You have such beautiful eyelashes.

#14. Earlobe-– Lóbulo de Oreja

The earlobe is the soft round part of the ear that hangs on the bottom of the ear.

1. I hang earrings on my earlobe.
2. I like to put two earrings on my earlobe.
3. It was so cute when he nibbled on her earlobes.
4. My mom pulled my earlobes when I got in trouble.

#15 Nostrils- Fosa nasal

The nostrils are the two holes on your nose. You breathe through your nose using your nostrils.

1. My nostrils get big when I get upset.
2. I closed my nostrils when I passed the dead dog.
3. When I duck my head in water, I close my nostrils.

#16. Tongue- lengua

Your tongue is a pink, muscular organ inside the mouth that allows you to speak, chew and swallow food.
This is an essential part of the face.

1. I burnt my tongue with the hot sauce.
2. She stuck her tongue at me when I told her that she lost the game.
3. You should always brush your tongue when you brush your teeth.

#17 Gums-Encias

Your gum is the pink part of your mouth that attaches and surrounds your teeth.

1. In order to have healthy gums, you need to brush your teeth regularly.
2. If you brush your teeth too hard, your gums can bleed.
3. Using a mouthwash can help to keep your gums healthy.

#18. Lip/Lips- labios

Your lips are outside of your mouth. You have an upper lip and a lower lip. The lips are essential to the
face. It can shape your entire face; especially your smile.

1. Women use lipstick on their lips to enhance their beauty.
2. He gave me a kiss on the lips.
3. My sister has a bad habit of biting her lips.
4. I use chapstick on my chapped lips.

#19 Neck- Cuello

Your neck attaches the head to the rest of the body.

1. Melissa has a long neck.
2. She put her hand on my neck to check if I had a fever.
3. He kissed her neck so sweetly.
4. I ate some almonds and a rash came out on my neck.

Yes, we have so many parts of the face and all of them are essential. The face shows expressions, feelings
and emotions. Now, let’s take a look at some idioms when it comes to the different part of the face.


 To make faces (pull a face) – Hacer muecas
1. She made faces at me when mom wasn’t looking.
2. When Billy makes faces, he really annoys me.
3. She was so disrespectful when she made faces while the presentation was given.

 To keep an eye on something– Estar pendiente de algo.

1. I will keep an eye on her while you go to the store.
2. I will keep an eye out for her just in case she passes by.
3. I will keep an eye our for your watch in case it turns up.

 To be all ears– Ser todo oídos, escuchar muy atentamente.

1. Go ahead, I am all ears. I am listening.
2. I have out down my cellphone. I am all ears.
3. What did she say? I am all ears.

 To have a long face – “Poner cara larga” estar triste o decepcionado.

1. She had a long face when she couldn’t go to the park.
2. John had a long face when he lost the competition.
3. Rachael had a long face when she missed her flight.

 To be Written all Over Your Face: Como “lo llevas escrito en la cara” o “se te ve en la cara”

1. After she broke the vase, she had guilt written all over her face.
2. When he saw her, he had “love” written all over his face.

Learning the different parts of the face is so important. Knowing these will help you to express yourself a
little when you do you best to try and identify the different parts of your body. Keep practicing the
pronunciation of each of these words.


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